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Riccardo Polveroni

Italian design, expressed in art and craft from the Etruscan heart of Italy.


For many years, Riccardo worked with Leon Ghalichian as RPLG. Creative energies of both artists, combined with their diverse, yet complimentary, skills and imagination made possible RPLG to achieve an early successes in no time. Despite sad and too early death of Leon, Riccardo’s ongoing activities continue and sustain RPLG’s legacy.

Riccardo Polveroni is an Italian artists, craftsman, and designer. His imaginative portfolio of works and projects is indebted to the rich Etruscan cultural heritage still felt at the heart of Italy. Tuscany, where Riccardo lives and works, has been and continues to be a terra madre of creativity for centuries of artistsĀ  and craftsmen.

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