riccardo Polveroni

La Repubblica:
“Creations of Ghalichian-Polveroni are fine, sometimes geometrical, otherwise irregular and surprising. Bronze is used in a highly inventive and original way. Like in the candelabras, which make impression of fragile as spider’s web, yet exactly as strong and functional.

Riccardo Polveroni

RPLG: Introduction

riccardo polveroni and leon ghalichian’s work is characterized by
the strong sense of a diverse cultural heritage, mixed with a playfulness and joyfulness of the designing process.
taking inspiration from primitive bronze age art, ancient forms and calligraphy, polveroni and ghalichian combine these with modern sculptural lines, reminiscent of le corbusier and gio’ ponti

the most evident example can be found in their opus: from interior modelling, through paintings and designs, to sculpture and furniture craftsmanship. as the result, we can admire impressive and unique constellation of diverse forms: exquisite lightings, shiny panels, ergonomic furniture, trend setting fabric designs.
after the tragic loss of ghalichian in 2004, polveroni continues to work with remarkable dexterity and passion to ensure that the creation they started in early 1990s, will persist and embody their spiritus movens for the future.

Riccardo Polveroni

Levon Ghalichian

Riccardo Polveroni and Leon Ghalichian

Riccardo Polveroni

was born in Rome, Italy, and moved to London in the mid-1980s. Interested in arts from the early years, he studied fine arts and began his career as painter in the 1970s. After meeting Leon Ghalichian, Riccardo’s interests shifted towards design and crafts.


Leon Ghalichian (1965-2004)

was born in Tehran and moved to London with his family in 1979. Interested in the arts from an early age, he studied fashion textiles and design at Brighton School of Art and began his professional life in fashion fabric design in Rome.


1993 saw the launch of Leon and Riccardo’s first collection of glass and copper lights, sold at Liberty’s (London), Eclectica (Milan), and Galleria Contemporanea (Rome) as well as through private showrooms. From 1995 they started to work with cast bronze, designing unique sculptural pieces. RPLG one-off and limited edition bronze lighting, furniture, and decorative pieces are sold internationally to interior designers and private collectors throughout the world.
Riccardo’s current work continues and develops the path set in the RPLG early years. Their work and studio have been featured in the world of interiors and other magazines in Italy, Japan, and elsewhere.